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    Sylvia Llar

    Hi I had a question... We have already been awarded a $1000 sponsorship thru SafeSkin we are just waiting on the check to help us pay for our uniforms. But I do see that Safeskin also offers another sponsorship for $1000 towards T-Shirts would we qualify to do that one? The only reason why im asking is because we did a T-Shirt fundraiser with and we just placed the order for our shirts. They were so great and helpful!!! But the only sad part was that we were only able to use one design and were only able to order for the cheerleaders and not the football players. So I wanted to see if we could do another T-Shirt Fundraiser but only Safeskin offers it Nation wide. Please Help because we would love to get started!!!
    Thank You
    Sylvia Cuellar
    Cheer Coordinator

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    Rebel Knights Inc

    How would I Get the Money from the Sponsor?

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