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    Madera roja Trojans

    Thank you for the help

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    Demetrius Cooper

    How do I unlink my facebook from my account?

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    Demetrius Cooper

    And if I can't do that, can I change what facebook account is linked to my pear account?

  • Who you are?


    We are The Community Children Enrichment Center, Inc. Summer Program, whose goal is to bridge the gap of destruction within in our underserved communities by offering quality services to our participating families to enhance their learning opportunities through summer reading, building teamwork among the participants through group and social activities, and creating a positive environment that builds on nurturing and fosters a diverse program based on participant needs by exposing them to new adventures, skills, and ideas.



    Who (or what) you’re raising money for?


    The Community Children Enrichment Center, Inc. is offering a quality summer program that will focus on promoting social and emotional development of school-age children from 5 to 15 years of age, along with other areas of skill building.  The initiative in raising funds would allow us to provide a quality summer program supervised based on the expectations of parent(s) who want enrichment for their child, designed to offer a safe, and secure environment that children and youth can go to when school is not in session to continue learning during the summer.



    How the money will be used?


    The funds will be used to provide transportation for the summer program in taking the participants to family oriented and group activities, inspiring age-appropriate, and educationally fun-filled days, offering a wide variety of fun, engaging, brain-boosting activities, purchase summer reading supplies and back-to-school supplies at the closing of the summer program to all participants to ensure they are prepared for their first day of school.



    How soon you need the funds?


    Because of the great need of this summer program within our community in saving our youth from violence surrounding our communities, the funds are needed as soon as May 31, 2016 to start the program effective June 13, 2016 without delay as the last day of school is June 10.



    Why this means so much to you?


    This means so much to us because we enjoy helping our children and youth achieve their dreams, and ambitions.  Our vision is to grow within several cities and communities in the Southwest Miami-Dade area in providing field trips to places they have never seen gone to before, supporting and encouraging cooperative learning through dance and drama that will be performed at the close of the program to showcase to their parents and family members, and building on team projects that will help our children and youth work together to reach a common goal that will grow them to become leaders in and out of the classroom and around their communities.



    How thankful you?


    We are very thankful to offer such a great program as we are from these underserved communities and looking to give back through mentorship, collaboration, support and guidance to our children and youth, as there is a great need to provide hands-on expanded learning and team building opportunities during the summer.   The Community Children Enrichment Center, Inc. needs  to be part of a comprehensive plan for helping our children and youth learn by overcoming adversity in their day-to-day interactions.




    Theola M Moore, Ed.D Organizational Leadership, MSHSM

    Patient Transportation Manager


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